Here's how MyHEALTH Business makes group health insurance easy in Vietnam

  • Self-employed or starting a new company? MyHEALTH Business can be for companies as small as 1 person. Medical History Disregarded, or MHD, is available from 10 people and upwards, which includes insured spouses of employees.

  • Gain access to our outpatient direct billing in Vietnam and throughout Asia. When visiting one of these doctors, just hand them your card and they'll bill us directly, with no need for you to fill out more paperwork for claims.

  • Build a plan unique to your business! Just choose what coverage modules you want to add to your hospital & surgery cover: outpatient, maternity or dental & optical, and then select how much coverage you need for each module: essential, extensive or elite.

  • Does your business require a great deal of travelling or employ a fair amount of expatriates? MyHEALTH Business makes sure you're covered wherever you need to be. All plans includes medical evacuation, repatriation and assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also choose your area of cover from: worldwide, worldwide excluding the USA, and ASEAN excluding Singapore. 

  • MyHEALTH Business is locally admitted health insurance product in Vietnam. Underwritten by Saigon Post & Telecommunication Insurance Company, it can provide fully compliant employee benefits to your staff.

  • Wth APRIL International's Easy Claim app, you can speed up your claims process by starting your claims submission on your iPhone or Android smartphone. All you need to do is send us the original documents later.

What kind of group health insurance benefits does MyHEALTH Business offer small businesses in Vietnam?
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Whether you're starting your first business or growing your SME, MyHEALTH Business is a group health insurance plan that is incredibly flexible in both budget and coverage when it comes to providing health benefits to your employees.

Choose what optional benefits you want to include with your inpatient coverage, including maternity, outpatient and dental and optical benefits. You can also select essential, extensive or elite levels of coverage for each benefit module, which not only increases the total monetary amount of coverage, but also expands the benefits included in each module. You can also pick one of three areas of coverage: worldwide, worldwide excluding the USA, and ASEAN excluding Singapore.

We also offer a range of deductibles and co-insurance options to help you balance your budget and coverage needs.


MyHEALTH is underwritten by Saigon Post & Telecommunication Insurance Company and arranged and administered by APRIL Vietnam Company Limited.

All prices listed are in US$




Hospital and surgery
  • Annual limit per person per period of insurance

    • MHD from 10 people, including spouses
    • Full medical underwriting or moratorium underwriting options
    • Decide benefits per employee category, per employee or per person


    6 levels of deductibles: None, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000,or $10,000

$100,000 or $500,000



Outpatient - optional benefit
Maternity - optional benefit

$5,000 per pregnancy

$8,000 per pregnancy

$15,000 per pregnancy

Dental and optical - optional benefit
24/7 evacuation, repatriation and assistance services




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Here's what our MyHEALTH Business can offer your small business as your group health insurance plan
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Direct Billing with Hospitals
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Save on out-of-pocket payments for expensive hospital bills
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Ideal for International Businesses
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Medical repatriation, evacuation and assistance available 24/7
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Perfect for the Self-Employed
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Minimum group size of 1
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Medical History Disregarded
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Available with as little as 10 people insured
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Cashless Outpatient Services
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Direct billing within our Asia-wide network

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