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APRIL Easy Claim app
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APRIL International is determined to make your life easier with the Easy Claim app! With this mobile app, sending your medical claims and accessing your insurance services has never been simpler.

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  • Submit your medical claims

No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to send all your medical invoices and receipts directly on your smartphone!  All you have to do is enter the information related to your claim, take a picture of the required documents and send them with a simple click.

You can review all of your submitted claims in the “My Claims” section if they are still being processed or under “My reimbursements” if your claims have been settled.

  • Access your electronic member card

If you are eligible to use APRIL International’s Asian direct billing network, you can easily access and download your electronic member card on your smartphone to enjoy cashless access to hundreds of medical facilities in Singapore and across Asia. Simply show your eCard at the reception of your healthcare practitioner!


  • Search medical providers in Asia

NEW! You can now search medical providers (doctors, hospitals and clinics) using our GPS function. Simply enter a location, a speciality and/or the name of the medical facility you are looking for. The results will automatically be displayed and you will even be able to check if you are eligible for direct billing in these facilities. 

  • Request a Letter of Guarantee

NEW! For hospitalisations and surgeries, you must first obtain a pre-authorisation from APRIL. You can now submit your request for treatment directly on the app. Once we have obtained all the necessary information, we will issue a Letter of Guarantee directly to the healthcare practitioner and will handle the payment of your medical fees.

  • Access your insurance contacts

Any questions about your policy? Having an emergency? You will be able to find all your APRIL contacts in the “Contact Us” section.

How can I access the app?

To access all these functionalities, there are only two simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Download the APRIL Easy Claim app on your smartphone:

Step 2: Launch the app and log in with:

  • The email address linked to your insurance policy
  • The password you chose when you signed up to your Online Portal

If you haven’t activated your personal account, please go to our Online Portal and click on “Activate my account”. Once your account has been activated, you will be able to log in the Easy Claim app with the same email address and password. Should you have any question on how to activate your account or use the Easy Claim app, please download our Online Portal & Easy Claim guide

* For Vietnam claims, please send us your original receipts and invoices to finalise reimbursement. 
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